Juvenile Onset HD

Juvenile Onset Huntington’s disease (JoHD) is an rare form of Huntington’s disease with symptoms appearing before the age of 21 In total JoHD represents about 5% of all HD cases. In most cases, JoHD patients have unusually high number of CAG repeats in the HTT gene. JoHD progresses faster than typical HD. Similar to HD, currently there is no cure for JoHD. 

The symptoms of JoHD differ from HD. The involuntary movements known as chorea are less frequent while stiffness and rigidity are more common. Other symptoms include difficulties with coordination, speech and behavioral changes. 

Currently, there are global initiatives to help support JoHD patients such as the JOIN-HD registry which helps support patients and families impact by JoHD. If you would like to learn more, please visit the link: https://join-hd.org/