Genetic testing & Counseling

Predictive Genetic Testing

Predictive genetic testing is a significant choice for individuals who are at risk of Huntington’s Disease (HD) but currently show no symptoms. This type of testing determines whether a person carries the HD gene, indicating that they will eventually develop the disease. It’s important to understand that deciding to undergo predictive genetic testing is deeply personal and can have profound emotional and psychological impacts.

Many people choose not to get tested for various reasons. Some prefer to live without the knowledge of their HD status, especially considering that there’s currently no cure for the disease. Others might opt for testing to make informed decisions about their future, including family planning, career choices, and healthcare.

In Pakistan, it is possible to talk to a physician and get tested, however cost is a major issue and currently no local testing facilities are available. As a result, after collecting a sample for testing, it is sent abroad to determine an individual’s gene status. Here at HDSOP, with the aid of physicians and counselors we are actively working on developing local testing capabilities so that individuals have access to genetic testing.

It is important to know that only individuals over 18 may be tested and a test cannot inform individuals as to when disease symptoms will appear. Additionally, there are no national guidelines on genetic testing for HD in Pakistan, but typically individuals are encouraged to seek genetic counseling.


Whether to undergo predictive genetic testing is a deeply personal decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, including one’s emotional well-being, family dynamics and future planning. It’s vital that this decision is made with the support of healthcare professionals and in a way that respects the individuals values and life choices. 

Here at HDSOP, we are partnered with clinicians and genetic counselors who can provide free tele-health counseling services. Please contact us for further details. 

Genetic counselors are trained professionals who help people understand the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease. During genetic counseling sessions, individuals and their families receive comprehensive information about the nature of HD, how it is inherited and what a positive test might mean for them.  Counselors provide a safe space to discuss fears, hopes and expectations. They also help in exploring the emotional and psychological impacts of potential test results.