About Us


The Huntington’s Disease Society of Pakistan (HDSOP) was created in 2024 to support families with Huntington’s Disease across the country. We are a volunteer driven non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and family members impacted by Huntington’s disease in Pakistan.

At HDSOP, we are more than just an organization; we are a community of individuals who understand the challenges and struggles faced by those impacted by Huntington’s disease. Each member of our team has experienced firsthand the profound impact of this condition on individuals and families. It is this shared experience that drives our passion and commitment to making a difference.

We believe that no one should have to face the journey of Huntington’s disease alone. Our mission is rooted in the principles of solidarity and support. We are here to offer a helping hand, a listening ear and support you during your most difficult times. 

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Mustafa Mehkary

Founding member: I am a current PhD candidate at the University of Toronto working on Huntington's disease research. My mother passed away from HD in 2012 and I am currently at risk for the disease. I have previously worked on HD research in Pakistan and our team is currently involved in setting up genetic testing within Pakistan for Huntington's disease.

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Khadija Chaudhry

HD family member: I am currently heading the HR Department at Emblem Technologies. Tragically, I lost my mother and maternal uncle to Huntington's Disease (HD) in 2016, and I now face the risk of inheriting this disease. My journey has led me to speak at the HDYOs International Young Adult Congress in 2021, where I shared my raw and heartfelt experiences, offering a glimpse into the profound emotional toll of HD within our community.

Dr. Salman Kirmani

Medical Geneticist/Genetic counselor: Dr Salman Kirmani is an esteemed medical geneticist at Aga Khan University, specializing in several genetic disorders. With an MD from Dow Medical College and advanced training from Mayo Clinic, USA, he has pioneered the first Pediatric Genetics, Hereditary Cancer, Adult Neurogenetics and Perinatal Genetics clinics in Pakistan.  Dr Kirmani has authored over 75 peer-reviewed articles, applies his vast experience in genetics and genomics towards advancing research and supporting families affected by rare genetic disorders inlcuding Huntington's disease. 

Fizza Akbar

Genetic counselor:

Saqib Mahmood Pic

Dr. Saqib Mahmood

Medical Geneticist/Professor:
I have 36 years of experience which encompasses teaching, research, and administrative roles within various medical institutions. For the past 15 years, I served as a Professor of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology at the University of Health Sciences Lahore.
My specialization lies in the field of molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders, where I have successfully contributed to the understanding and management of these conditions. I have had the distinction of being the pioneer in the country to establish molecular diagnosis and screening for Huntington's disease. Moreover, my commitment extends to providing genetic counseling services to families affected by genetic disorders.